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November 13, 2006

Beyond the election news cycle

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  1. Great analysis, Jon. I was discussing with some friends the day after about the differences in how I monitored results in comparison to earlier elections. I spent as much time as possible using the Net, but I was in the car traveling during part of the evening, and I was struck by how captive I felt then. Even with a few channels providing exclusive coverage, I found I wanted the ability to “do my own thing”, as I’m used to on the web. I can’t wait until 3G mobile/WiMax/ubiquitous Wifi/magic pixie dust gives me the ability to mix my own election results feed as easily in the car (say, on my Nokia 770 or it’s descendant) as I can today at my home.

    Comment by Ken Kennedy — November 14, 2006 @ 7:20 pm | Reply

  2. Jon –

    I did some election day and pre-election day blogging on Vacuum, and managed to get a strong and steady set of hits before the election on my “Michigan sample ballots” page and results afterwards on a “Michigan election results” page. Along the way I blogged a full set of Ann Arbor area polling places with addresses.

    I’m expecting that 2008 will have even more use of the web, both for basic factual information (how late is the polling place open?) and for opinion. I was happy that a guide I had posted to some relatively obscure races got regular hits for quite a few days before the local newspapers printed their ballot recommendations.

    Comment by Edward Vielmetti — November 16, 2006 @ 6:53 am | Reply

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